Topics Discussed And Spectacular Speakers

State Of The Art Lectures

2018 ICAP scientific program consists of three different kinds of content:

  1. Congress invited contributions
  2. IAAP division/CPA section invited contributions (keynotes and symposia)
  3. Author initiated contributions.

Congress invited contributions are the main focus of congress, and it highlights the science and practice of psychology, innovations and multiple divisions of the IAAP. See more on content included in ICAP 2014.

Some speakers from ICAP 2014

Some speakers from ICAP 2014

List Of Speakers In ICAP 2018

  1. Speaker: Julian Barling

Topic: Industrial/Organizational/Work

Discussion: Leader’s mental health at work

  1. Speaker: Anna Brown

Topic: Psychological Assessment and Evaluation

Discussion: Solving the problems of ipsative data: The common framework for proper scaling of comparative response formats

  1. Speaker: Rolando Diaz-Loving

Topic: Díaz-Guerrero´s contributions to the internationalization of psychology

  1. Speaker: Tom Dietz

Topic: Environmental

Discussion: Key Challenges to Understanding Environmental Decision Making

  1. Speaker: Martin S. Hagger

Topic: Sport and Exercise

Discussion: Developing a system for describing relationships among constructs in theories applied to health behavior: An approach based on process diagrams

  1. Speaker: Shelley Hymel Education

Topic: Education, School and Instruction

Discussion: Bullying and Peer Victimization in Children and Youth

  1. Speaker: Michael Jones

Topic: Brain and Cognition

Discussion: Advancing Psychological Theory by Mining Big Data

  1. Speaker: Scott Lilienfeld

Topic: Teaching Psychology

  1. Speaker: Aleksandra Luszczynska

Topic: Health Psychology

Discussion: Good practices in development, implementation, and evaluation of health behavior change programs

  1. Speaker: John Meyer

Topic: Industrial/Organizational/Work

Discussion: Commitment at Work: Looking Back and Moving Forward

  1. Speaker: Stephen Reicher

Topic: Psychology and Societal Development

Discussion: Understanding toxic leadership

  1. Speaker: Jesus, Sanz

Topic: Clinical; Community

Discussion: Mental health consequences of terrorist attacks

  1. Speaker: Moshe Szyf

Topic: Adult Development & Aging

Discussion: Epigenetic processes mediating between environments, experiences and mental health; therapeutic and diagnostic implications

  1. Speaker: Rama Charan Tripathi

Topic: Un-Othering the Other: Role of Shared Cultural Spaces and Social Norms

  1. Speaker: Jennifer Veitch

Topic: Environmental

Discussion: Workplace Design can Help Employee Well-being, Improve Organizational Productivity, and Solve Environmental Problems

ICAP 2014 during day 1.

ICAP 2014 during day 1.

Congress Invited Symposia

  1. Speaker: Yiqun Gan

Topic: Temporal Correlates, Teaching Mechanism of Genetics, and its Implications to Health and Mental Health Behavior

  1. Speaker: Heather Hadjistavropoulos

Topic: Improving Access to Mental Health Services via the Internet: Opportunities and Challenges

  1. Speaker: Kyoko Noguchi

Topic: The next move for Health Psychology in Asia: How theories drive our power into practice

  1. Speaker: Laura Nota

Topic: Career aspect and interventions for a decent work and/for inclusive society

  1. Speaker: Keith Petrie

Topic: Towards understanding and minimizing the nocebo response

  1. Speaker: Catherine Ratelle

Topic: Parenting and Self-Development

  1. Speaker: Zhao, Jiaying

Topic: Advances in environmental psychology: Using psychological science to address environmental challenges

Discussion on an interesting topic.

Discussion and questions on an interesting topic.

Invited Keynote Addresses

  1. Speaker: Dolores Albarracin

Topic: Designing Actionable Interventions to Change Behavior

  1. Speaker: Jocelyn J. Bélanger

Topic: The Psychology of Self-Sacrifice

  1. Speaker: James Bray

Topic: International Perspectives on Integrated Health Care Fanny M Cheung Cultural perspectives in personality assessment

  1. Speaker: German Antonio Gutierrez Dominguez

Topic: Comparative psychology of sexual behavior: From basic processes to applied settings

  1. Speaker: Maria Eduarda Duarte

Topic:Work and days”: the freedoms and the restraints to promote a decent life

  1. Speaker: Andrew Elliot

Topic: The opposing processes model of competition

  1. Speaker: Martin Euwema

Topic: Focus of Lecture: TBC

  1. Speaker: Tommy Garling

Topic: Urban Travel: Interfaces with Psychology

  1. Speaker: Stevan E. Hobfoll

Topic: Terrorist Threat: A Story of Trauma, Resilience, and Political Decay

  1. Speaker: Anita Hubley

Topic: Missed opportunities in testing and assessment: Consequences, side effects, and response processes

  1. Speaker: Dragos Iliescu

Topic: On the equivalence of measurement instruments across languages and cultures: between ignorance and half-hearted acceptance

  1. Speaker: Sonia Lippke

Topic: Health psychology in times of globalization and migration: state of the science and future directions

  1. Speaker: Herb Marsh

Topic: Academic Self-concept: Cornerstone of a Revolution in the Positive Educational Psychology

  1. Speaker: Fathali Moghaddam

Topic: Analyzing and resolving mutual radicalization. Implementing the same when groups and nations bring each other to extremes

  1. Speaker: Reinhard Pekrun

Topic: Achievement Emotions: State of the Art and Future Directions

  1. Speaker: Roddy Roediger

Topic: Making it Stick: The Science of Succesful Learning

  1. Speaker: Jérôme Rossier

Topic: Using contextual and personal resources to manage our environmental constraints and design our lives

  1. Speaker: Urte Scholz

Topic: Social Relationships and Health Behaviour

  1. Speaker: Ralf Schwarzer

Topic: Health behaviour change: Constructs, mechanisms, interventions

  1. Speaker: Stephen Sireci

Topic: Focus of Lecture: TBC

  1. Speaker: Robert J. Vallerand

Topic: The role of passion in people’s life

  1. Speaker: Robert Wood

Topic: Focus of Lecture: TBCe of passion in people’s life Robert Wood Focus of Lecture: TBC