Conference Program And Conference Activities

The ICAP 2018 promises an exciting array of presentations invited by the Congress Organizers from one of the sections of the International Association of Applied Psychology (IAAP), or by one Canadian Psychological Association (CPA). The theme for ICAP 2018 is “Connecting Science with Solutions”. The event is expected to have 30+ program streams which will be presented by some of the eminent speakers with years of experience in the field of psychology and also 20+ professional development workshops.

The Presentation Formats Include:

  • Congress invited Keynote Address, State of Art Lecture and Symposium
  • Division President/Section Chair Address
  • Master Lecture
  • Presentations by International Psychological Associations

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The State Of The Art Lecture

Congress Invited State of the Art Lectures consists of 20 such lectures, and they are focused on Congress. Each State of the Art Lecture is spectacular enough to provide a summary and breakthroughs in a specific domain in the field of psychology. These lectures are expected to be based on discoveries and innovations which can be interesting enough to present in front of members of IAAP and CPA.

Individuals participate are professional researchers, teachers, writers who and leaders in their field, and nominated by an IAAP and CPA or selected by the Board of the ICAP 2018. See more on List of Speakers.

Informative abstracts are expected from individuals who are selected for ICAP 2018.

The content of the lecture should be as follows:

  1. A brief description of the research regarding the domain mentioned by the lecture
  2. A summary of critical breakthroughs
  3. An effective statement which highlights the author’s objective for the lecture

Mentioned Below Are The Activities Held In ICAP:

ICAP Training Course

ICAP Training Course during past congress events.

Two Days Of Pre-Congress Workshops

Pre-congress workshops which will be presented by individual or group will be scheduled on Sunday 24th and on Monday, June 25th 2018. This professional development workshop is expected to be interactive and the one which can derive solutions to specific needs.

Innovative Satellite Meetings

This mainly features productive off-site meetings for all participants.

In- Congress Workshops

There are over 20 professional development workshops for participants, and the In- Congress Professional Development Workshops are focused on practical and experimental component which engage delegates and promote professional growth opportunities to experienced psychologists.

Advanced Research Training Seminars (ARTS)

SOA Lecturer Michael Jones will be at #ICAP2018 to discuss advancing psychological theory by mining Big Data.

SOA Lecturer Michael Jones will be at ICAP 2018 to explain advancing psychological theory by mining Big Data.

Advanced Research Training Seminars are specially designed for doctoral students. It provides training opportunities for students and researchers from low-income countries.  It promotes sponsoring organizations and groups at the international congresses. These advanced research seminars are held every 2 years. ARTS can go on for 1-3 days along with major international congresses of applied psychology.

The main organizers of Advanced Research Training Seminars are:
1) International Association of Applied Psychology (IAAP)
2) International Union of Psychological Science (IUPsyS)

The Exclusive Library Project

The ICAP library project is organized and conducted by one of the main ICAP partners, “Libraries without Borders”.