What To Expect From ICAP 2019 In Portugal?

Every year a new ICAP takes place in a different city in the world and the best of the best of applied psychology get together to take the profession just one step further. This year, the location of the meeting is Lisbo, Portugal´s capital. Read on to find out everything you need to know about the living legacy of the most important applied psychology meeting in the world.

Aims And Objectives

As every year, the International Research Conference will dedicate the time to reunite the diversity of the profession (different scholarly events) under the same roof. The conference program is as varied as it can be to cover all areas needed. All presentations are programmed to fit into the proposed time schedule, still, the length of every presentation will change a lot depending on the orator and the amount of questions. The spirit of the ICAP is always to foster knowledge and learning, hence, that aspect is more important than any other.

The spirit of the ICAP is always to foster knowledge and learning

As the leading scientist of the profession get together in one place, the International Conference on Applied Psychology intends to foster the knowledge interchange as well as the experience exchange to help raise awareness on current problems that applied psychology can help with. On the other hand, it is also an interdisciplinary platform that helps practitioners, researchers and educators discuss concerns, innovations, trends and challenges. Through the interdisciplinary approach, the ICAP tries to find a solution that can help tackle new problems that arise in an ever-changing world. The diverse fields of applied psychology together can make the approach to a new problem much richer than with every practitioner doing it on its own.

Preview of Lucky Humpers

Lucky Humpers
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The only way in which the ICAP can help improve the professional development of its participants is with the help of prospective authors that contribute to shape the conference. In fact, the ICAP organization encourages all authors to submit their papers, research abstracts and e-posters to be analyzed. Besides this, high-quality contributions that can take applied psychology to a new plateau of understanding are kindly invited to participate and share their material whether it is unpublished results of experimental, empirical or theoretical work or conceptual, constructive writing. All areas of applied psychology count and the committee will be receiving abstracts of all kinds for evaluation. All novel research that includes tables, figures and references is especially cherished.

Submission And Conferencing Procedures

All conference papers will be reviewed with no exception. Each will be evaluated by three competent professionals of a committee. The form of reviewing is by peer-reviewing and all the proceedings of that selection will be indexed in the Open Science Index. Besides this prestigious index, results are to be posted in Semantic Scholar, Google Scholar, WorldCAT, OpenAIRE, Zenedo, Base and many other index databases. This is an extra encouragement to submit your material, so you won´t miss the chance of having your work in the world´s most prestigious portals.

Submit your material so you won´t miss the chance of having your work in the world´s most prestigious portals

Get Your Piece In Special Journal Issues

As for 2019, the ICAP will select the best among the high-impact full text papers and consider them for the special journal issue that will be published after the conference. The papers will go through two filters: the initial selection and then the presentation. The person finally making the decision is the editor in chief. Authors won´t have to pay and papers will be published online.


ICAP 2019 opens up a new chapter of collaboration for all professionals in Applied Psychology. It is a great opportunity to show your work, participate and learn, make sure to be in Lisbon and don´t miss it!