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Message from the Congress President

Prof. Christine Roland-Lévy

 Dear colleagues, dear friends,

Christine Roland-LévyOn behalf of IAAP, and in collaboration with the French Federation for Psychologists and Psychology (FFPP) as well as French Society of Psychology (SFP), along with the French National Committee of Scientific Psychology (CNFPS), under the umbrella of the French Consortium of Psychology Associations (A-CIPA), I am pleased to confirm that the forthcoming International Congress of Applied Psychology will take place in Paris in early July 2014. Applied Psychology is living a stimulating scientific period, with considerable work in connection to the many societal crisis and events around the world. Claude Lévy-Leboyer, who has played an important role in IAAP, is our Honorary President for this ICAP. The Scientific Program Committee is composed of IAAP members from all over the world, both French and English speaking. The ICAP was organized in Paris the last time… in 1953, and never since did we get the opportunity to host IAAP; therefore, we are happy to invite you all to join us for the 28th ICAP.

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Message from the IAAP President

Prof. José Maria Peiró

Dear colleagues and friends,

José M. PeiróAs most of you know, the International Association of Applied Psychology (IAAP) was founded in 1920 and it is nowadays integrated by nearly 3000 members from more than 80 countries who are active in the different disciplines of Psychology through its 18 divisions. Among many other activities and services, IAAP organizes every four years the International Congress of Applied Psychology, a great occasion for exchanging ideas, developing new projects, and enhancing for each of us our friendship network.

On behalf of IAAP, I am proud and pleased to invite you to the 28th International Congress of Applied Psychology (ICAP) that will be held in Paris, from 8-13 of July in 2014. I also encourage you to prepare and take steps to assure your participation in such an important international event of Psychology.


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