Local Support

The Congress has received the support of the French National Committee of Scientific Psychology and three national psychological societies:

  1. The French Federation for Psychologists and Psychology (Fédération Française des Psychologues et de Psychologie, FFPP)
    The French Federation, with its eleven members' associations (this shows the involvement of quite a few psychological associations in this project), considers as an honor and a great opportunity to organize the 28th International Congress of Applied Psychology, ICAP, in Paris.
  2. The French Society of Psychology (Société Française de Psychologie, SFP)
    The French Society of Psychology has more than 700 individual members, half of them being academics, the other half practitioners, covering applied psychology and all the specialties offered in psychology in France; the French Society of Psychology also regroups six major associate organizations, all of them being clearly involved with applied psychology:

    • Association Française des Psychologues de l'Education Nationale
    • Association des Conseillers d'Orientation-Psychologues - France
    • Collectif des CoPsy du SNES
    • Société Française de Psychologie du Sport
    • Association Française de Psychologie de la Santé
    • Association Française de Psychologie Linguistique
    • Collectif des psychologues scolaires du SNUIPP
    • Association Française de Psychologie du Travail et des Organisations

    All together it consists of approximately 5 000 members.

  3. The French National Committee of Scientific Psychology (Comité National Français de Psychologie Scientifique, CNFPS) is the official organization endorsed by the French Academy of Sciences as the scientific authority in charge of representing French psychology internationally. The Committee comprises two associations: the French Psychological Society and the French Federation of Psychologists and Psychology. It represents a total of 7,000 psychologists (1,250 psychologists who are regular members of these two organizations, plus another 5,750 psychologists in organizations affiliated with the SFP or the FFPP). The Committee is the French National Member of the International Union of Psychological Science (IUPsyS) and the International Test Committee (ITC).)

French authorities auspices

The congress is placed under the patronage of the President of the French Republic, French Minister of Health, French Minister for Education, and Mayor of Paris.

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